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Basingstoke NeighbourCare aims to assist those in genuine need in order to support and maintain their independence.  Our clients are mainly elderly people who need help to remain in their own home and in contact with their community.  We provide two main services, namely, transport and befriending.

  • Transport (Basingstoke, Tadley & Sherfield) Open or Close

    We have volunteers, who use their own cars, to pick you up from your home to drive you to:

    Appointments - accompanying you to medical appointments and, if under 1 hour, wait with you.  Then take you back home

    Clubs - taking you to your local club - social and health related

    Visits - helping you to visit a loved-one in hospital, nursing or residential home

    Shopping - taking you shopping

    Since we reimburse our volunteers’ costs, for using their own cars, we request a donation from clients to help pay for the service.  We accept HCC travel vouchers.

  • Befriending (Basingstoke) Open or Close

    We have a dedicated Befriending Co-ordinator who will assess clients’ requirements and carefully match each client with a volunteer befriender. A volunteer will come to your home to see you once a week for a chat over a cup of tea. They may also if you wish, particularly if you have sight difficulties, read your mail for you and help you fill in forms or write birthday/Christmas cards for you. Our service excludes housework or personal care.

  • How Basingstoke NeighbourCare works Open or Close

    Basingstoke NeighbourCare helps with simple tasks for people who are in need, using a team of volunteers. Old or young, clients who live in the Basingstoke & Deane area can register for our services if they have a genuine need for them. This may be because they are unable to use normal public transport or taxi service by reason of age, ill health or disability; or they need assistance with shopping, for example.

    Where we make a difference is our volunteer will wait during the client’s appointment and then take them home again, provided the waiting time is not longer than one hour. If the appointment is longer than one hour we can arrange for the client to be picked up later and taken home. We will also assist our disabled clients with wheelchairs if necessary, but clients must be able to get in and out of the volunteer’s car themselves as our volunteers are not trained to assist with this. 

    Simply phone the Helpline on 01256 423855 and tell us about the type of assistance you require. Our Helpline is open Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. with an answer-phone service outside of these hours. We will then try to match your request to our team of volunteers when we return your call.

    Donations are crucial to keep the charity funded. For this reason we ask clients for a donation (currently between £6 and £10 for local journeys).  These are used to help cover our running costs and cover any travel costs incurred by our volunteers. We can also accept local authority travel vouchers.

    Our coordinators provide the link between our dedicated team of volunteers and the clients we serve in the local community and enable us to deliver an excellent, high quality service. 

    Basingstoke NeighbourCare is easy to use. We have a friendly team of office staff who will answer your telephone call.  If you are a new client, simply call our help-line and register. The help line is available 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday and an answer-phone is available out of hours. Once this has been done, your needs are matched against our team of volunteers. For driving jobs we need at least 48 hours’ notice to enable us to find a suitable volunteer. For befriending our dedicated Co-ordinator will contact you to make an appointment to come and see you, and then she will match you with the volunteers available. This process will take at least two weeks.

  • What our help means to clients... Open or Close

    diana-graceGrace with volunteer Diana

    Diana helps Grace both as a driver and befriender. Grace says:

    “My disability means that I am totally reliant on NeighbourCare volunteers to take me to medical appointments or shopping.  It is a wonderful service and the volunteers are so kind and patient. As my befriender, Diana visits me every week. I am house-bound and live on my own so I look forward to Diana’s visits. Sometimes, for a treat, we will go out for lunch or a cream tea. Diana helps me in lots of different ways and I can’t thank her enough for her friendship and support."



    Laura was referred to us for befriending so we arranged for a volunteer to visit her once a week. The volunteer contacted us, after visiting Laura, with great concerns about the lack of food in her fridge and cupboards. She was also using cleaning products to wash the dishes. Laura was finding it difficult to go shopping weekly due to ill health and not being able to walk around the supermarket by herself. The volunteer spoke to the office staff who arrange transport for clients and Laura is now regularly taken shopping by one of our volunteer drivers. Laura said that she did not know about this fantastic service of transport and befriending. We have made coping so much easier for her and she can continue living in her own home.



    Norman was referred to us by Adult Services for befriending after being in hospital recovering from a brain injury. While visiting Norman to arrange befriending visits he became concerned and worried about attending his hospital appointments. We explained about the transport service that we can offer.  Norman said that he felt a weight had been lifted from his shoulders once he knew we could help. All the transport for his hospital appointments was booked over the next few months with NeighbourCare. When we went back for another meeting with Norman it was like speaking to a different person as he was relaxed. He said that Basingstoke NeighbourCare are like guardian angels that come to him when he is in need.

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